19 Sep 2009

::A special entry for my BFF::

Glitter Words

Nope, it's not her wedding day. I wish and I know it is gonna be someday. Hehe. I dedicate this post especially for her so I'm expecting the comments to be all from her! Hehe. Well m8...this is my 1st time braya dgn blog ani, and thanks for giving the thought to me to start to have my own and if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't go this far and keeerazzy blogging! Haha! Thanks!

Ok..here we go again..the typical wishes and greeting for the raya. Selamat Bla Bla Bla..hehe. I want to do it in different version m8 eh. Hmm let see...


Hehe ok seriously kalau bab raya ani m8 payah usulnya kan try another version to meminta maaf zahir batin di halalkan makan minumku, ada yg terharsh, ter-rude, ter-not too sweet kata2ku, aku hoping dpt tah kiranya u maafkan. Haha. Yup, it's a wonderful 11 years m8 and I'm glad we never missed out our raya together-gether. I'm kinda scared what next year will bring..Hmm...I'll figure out how, no worries. Hehe cuz you really know just how I am even though when you said it's ok. :) kan m8?! Hehe

Ok..I think I just say up to that level, don't wanna go too personal in here with this. We'll just have the hug later ok. Haha! Again wishing you selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin m8, and we'll have a blast with my new cam and your new novels! Hahaha! Let me Mwahh u back! Heheh!


iantie said...

weh m8! bru ku ter-on my lappy today. so been buzy for the last 2 days!

THANX m8 for the special, wondrful greets! Love you!

Didz said...

Hehe, hey no worries m8! Things kinda slow and quite at home for the raya prep but that's normal that I got times..hehe

U did the same for me so it's ok :) hehe, will always love u too m8!