27 Sep 2009

::My weekend episodes ::

I officially will call it a weekend...a very tiring weekend to be more precise...

I was wide awake til 4 am last night, I wasn't sure why I can't sleep! I guess it must be my own mentality that it's gonna be Sunday tomorrow that I always fixed times to get up late from bed. Getting up at 7 or 8am on Sunday is considered late in my dictionary. I can't train my eyes to sleep early during the weekend and despite I was having a "family mingling session til pretty late night" earlier that evening, I should have been sleeping like a baby last night.

Finally gotten to bed at 4am and was awaken at 7am today was not really a good start for a long family road trip. Ah, one more thing. I'm so lousy with road trips. Hehe. Why? Let's just say that I have a hyperactive urinary bladder. I think I've broken my records this year on road trips - I only had to stop twice to 2 different rest rooms for the 'break'. Hehe. The road trip turned out to be just fine. That's all I'm gonna say.

I reached home some time in the afternoon and I mingled again with few of my cousins at my place. I tried so hard to fight my tiredness and when they finally got back home, one of my friends texted me says she wanted to come and visit me...It was ok, I was enjoying her company. And so blah, blah, blah..it was already night time but still no rest for me. I had to do few personal things and few minutes ago I already planned to go to bed but...We're experiencing the black out again! As in now, at this very moment! Arrghh!!
(and that somebody in the neighborhood who got pissed and have plenty of money to be wasted put another fireworks show few minutes ago.) But it is still dark!

I have no idea how I would wrap up this tiring weekend of mine now....It's not over yet!

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