10 Sep 2009

::The bug that bugged me::

No, am not talking about people. Am blogging about this bug that bugged me. Hehe...

Ano Ba yan?!
Hai nako!

I went out for while from work with one of my colleagues to RIPASH today. I noticed something wasn't right with my bug when I hit the brake. Oh! Not again! Why? Why?... At this time?... This month?... Soon it's gonna be our festive month and my bug just started to create problem. It's the brake pad this time, worn out already. I barely noticed it these few days, It's about time that it gave me the sign that it needed to be replaced with new ones. But not on working days, Urrgh!

Hmm...apparently am not a happy owner and worst I only knew that much when it comes to car maintenance and stuff. I tried to drive as slow as I could and phew! managed to get home safely. So I've 'warded' my car to my uncle's cuz after all this time my bug is one of his patients. Hehe.

So now I don't know what's the status. I hope it isn't that critical and yes, the bills!
Cars - you adore it when it serves you nicely and of course they expect for us to do the same thing on them, pamper them just like you go to a beauty saloon for a regular facial. Hehe. Ok, apparently, I'm not a good owner either. Hehe.


iantie said...

so, how's ur bug now m8? ok dah? sabar sja m8, andangnya bln mulia ani, dugaan melimpah ruah...hehe!

ilikeseven said...

awu m8, bek udah..bek jua inda mahal banar m8, mun nda kepisanan jua di blm mulia ani..hehe phew! nantitah this sun ke beceta panjang2 k..hehe

ambiguous_angel said...

you're from brunie right?
How come you kn0w how to speak tagalog?
Hehe.thats so amazing..

Anyway,gud luck with that bug of yours..

ilikeseven said...

Hi Angel..hehe you missed the part when I talked with Beanizer the other day. Yup, I'm from Brunei and I've got couples of Filipino friends that I used to work with here so I learned quite a lot from them.
Thanks Angel, and pheww..you have no idea about that bug! Hehe.