26 Sep 2009

::Where to run?!::

I was out with my fiance today after lunch to look for a new table lamp for my room. We happened to discover a nice shop for all lamps. You name it, they got it!...Well kind of! Haha. Not much that I know and not that I really care anyway. Hehe...

While the sales attendant was packing my table lamp, I looked around the shop and one thing caught my attention. I saw the fire emergency exit and I was surprised to see it is blocked with some heavy stuff! Wtf?! Heavy stuff as in bundles and boxes of god knows what is inside, a really big ceramic fountain lamp heading towards it. Btw, the shop is a two levels building.

Now that made my imagination to run wild again...What if there's suddenly a fire in the shop? How could you save your customers better yet yourself? I'd be happy to know if when I look at the sales attendant wearing a parachute-ready vest every time, so he could just jump out of the window to save his butt. But he's not!

What were they thinking?!
-- "Hey look! There's a fire! Ok, I'm ready to burn. Take care now, bye!" --

Personally I think safety measures should always be practiced in every shops and it should be taken seriously. It's a shame to know some shop owners could just care less about it, all they can think of is how to make grand profits. I doubt if the owner will finally listen to my advice unless if I lodge a complain to the rightful authorities...

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