12 Sep 2009

::Weekend eat-outs::

There are 4 important individuals in my life that I feel so responsible to divide and spend my quality times with: my fiance, my family, my BFF and my friends. Once in a while I just happened to mix all at one time on few occasions. Hehe.

I tried to balance things for everyone each month that way neither the two sides (me and them) feeling terrible especially the first 3 individuals in my list. Tries so hard to be fair and all and I do admit sometimes I miss to realize if I wasn't being fair enough but I tend to make up to them as possible as I could.

Anyways, this month is no exception. The normal things that I do and spend with them depends on that particular individuals. With having not much entertainments here in the country, thus spending the times out are limited to either just watching movies in the cinema, or shopping, or the most routine one is dining out. So, yesterday I was dining out with my fiance then did little shopping, today I'll be dining out with my whole big family later in the evening. My whole big family means to say including my aunts, uncles and cousins on my mom's side, which I really enjoyed being together with. Not so many people would agree with me, I know. Some thought the whole idea of a big family gathering is annoying but for me I like it especially when there's always those happy moments being around them and somehow it's a blessing that we live in harmony. I'm just a family person, that best explains me. Hehe. Tomorrow I'll be dining out with my BFF. Yay! So it's a three days in a row of dining out weekend for me this month.

Hmm...the drawback - Def...def....definitely I'll gain weight! Haha!

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