19 Sep 2009

::Celebration prep::

Ok, I admit sometimes I'm kinda pissed to those things or the bits and pieces that I didn't expect to happen but I still have to face it, but hey, that's totally part of life anyway.

Just a day more to go, soon we gonna celebrate the Aidil Fitri. So I can't take out my beetle for the outing, I haven't fixed it yet. Thank goodness I have the mini! (Shushh!) Hehehe, so this raya I guess I'm driving this baby unless my bff wants to drive me instead. Haha! Yup, we'll keep it at a low profile mode this year raya huh m8? Hehe..

I'm not gonna expect much for the raya this year. I don't know why. I'm not excited nor that I'm bored. I'll just go with the flow, be neutral on it, come what may. I just wanted to be with my 4 important individuals in my list to celebrate it plus my new camera. Haha!

M8, this is the closest mini I could find that kinda match the color of my mini. Hahaha Shuuushhhh!! Hey, I like this one better so be it! It's gonna stay here in the post. :D

My other preparation...nothing much really. Everything has been organized as it is in the house. Just preparing some small things and I guess that's about it. It's quiet as usual and I should not complain much because deep inside I'm still thankful that we are still here today, still able to breath every time we got up each morning, and think of those who aren't as lucky as me, without having real family around and some other things in their lives....Hmm... Suddenly I'm being emotional...
Ok...I'm outta here!

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