24 Sep 2009

::And....they're back!::

My favorite tv series are back! The three CSIs! But today I only got to watch the latest season of CSI: MIAMI and CSI:NY, that's good enough already! I will lurk for CSI Las Vegas later. Hehe...considered it is already available at...

I was so excited waiting for these series because I'm really a big fan of CSI. The last season for all left me with the suspense, well just like every csi fans out there. I'm pretty much like the first episode of Csi: Miami. There's a new team member and he's such a stud too! Looking forward for the next episodes. Am not gonna do the spoilers here because I dont wanna ruin my bff's weekend! Heheheh! But I'm happy now I've something worth to wait and watch for :)

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