14 Sep 2009

::FTO Log #18::

This entry is the respond to my bff's craving for Avocado Milk Shake

I, didz ilikeseven, apart from that is also being the FTO (Food Taster Officer) that do trials and errors of any kind of foods and judge it according to my taste bud.

According to my bff's statement and her craving for this type of drinks...
Ok, I quote:
"It's super duper yummy...once you taste the thick fat avocado milk shake sure you want more...hahaha!"

So that made me to put it into a test. Today I bought all the necessary simple ingredients: the avocado and the milk. This was only my first try after all. When I tasted it, yup sure there is the taste of that thick fat, not just that but it is thick creamy fat to me. Hehe. But forgive me m8, I don't think I like it. Actually I mixed the peeled avocado with milk and sugar without adding some water into it. Hehe, ok maybe it was not a real success.

Few minutes ago I googled and compared for the prefect ingredients, wondering what is the X factor that made it super duper yummy. I think I got the answer to that and I will try to make it again next time. :) As for what I've prepared today, well I guess I've failed. Haha!

Besides I'm a lactose intolerance. Right after that, it gave me a really upset stomach. But that's ok, I'm willing to risk it again next time just to be sure it is really supercalifragilisticexpialidelicious! Hehe


beanizer_05 said...

..hey didz,i forgot wt i’m thnking (heheh)..bwt that bff, I mean, the avocado shake…hehehe
Well, I think u made d wrong recipe, I bet u havn’t poured sweet smiles on it—d reason y it didn’t taste dt gud .. :)
..think on the gud side—u r a lot better than me--at least u tried making it wd ur own experimental hands, unlike Beanizer hu only knows how 2 buy a ready 1 ..
..luk, I’v made my 1st nonsense coment on your blog!!..hehehe (id make a better 1 nx tym, promise)

Didz said...

Hi Beanizer! Phew! Finally u made it! Yay! No worries, comments in my blog are always nice so I'm expecting more in the near future..
Hmm, I was excited when I made it, so excited it gave me wide grin and goosebumps! hehe. Too much of dat made it taste different I guess. Haha.
Actually I tried another sip again last night, my 2nd try of it doesn't seems bad. Hehe, I'll have to change my mind what I think abt this shake. Hehe.
Thanks for leaving a nice comment and good, maybe one day you can buy for me too! aahahaha!

beanizer_05 said...

..sure..and u cn make 1 for me 2(juz make sure it cnt kill)..hehehe..

Didz said...

I think I just leave that to avocado milk shake lovers like my bff and your beanizer to make not killing but a killer supercalifrablablablah avocado milk shake cuz I had my part, now I let u guys to try and make it yourselves! Hehe. and to my m8, i think u SHOULD'VE tried it by now...I'm waiting..hehe.