30 Sep 2009

::Another new gadget::

Ok, here's the thing: Apart from being a serious journals or diaries or notebooks collector, I'm also a chronic pen drives collector.

Today, I added another new pen drive to my personal collection. It's kinda the same as in that pic but with different color. Hehe. Don't call me weird but call me 'gadgetic'. :)

I just love the whole idea of a pen drive and I must admit that those pen drive makers are so creative! They tend to create more and more mini/tiny pen drives. I lost counts how many pen drives there are in my collection. (I'm lousy with numbers anyway!)

I'm always looking for the most unique and tiny pen drive there is in the market. I don't mind what capacity they have. If I like it, then I'll buy it! Simple as that. Somewhat 3 months ago I've found the tiniest pen drive ever here in my country. I bought it but I meant it as a gift to my bff. With the capacity of only 1 GB, the price was kinda costy however. Hehe but I don't really mind at all. I know it's in a very good hand and good owner now... ;)

My quest and my passion for more unique and mini pen drives will not end here. I'll be looking forward to hunt them down anywhere I can! Soon I'll also be collecting HDD's. I only got one HDD so far. Me and my gadgets --- Oh well! :) Oh btw, I also bought another new mouse today. Yup, my mouse no.9 this year! Haha.

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