16 Sep 2009


I guess I'm experiencing the mess mixture all at one time today. The mess mixture of being tired, sad, blank, blur, happy and god knows what else.

I normally don't blog about me feeling sad. It's just so happened I remember something personal from the past and somehow it's bothering me. I believe this thing happen once in a while but... (and hoping I'll get over it soon)....I'm only human. :)

At one point, that thing I remembered saddened me but soon I was happy for something else. Then I remembered it again, felt sad...again... then something else came up which made me felt happy...again. It's like over and over and over again. Sigh! I'm not saying that I'm totally feeling down, it's just bothering me somehow. That's all I'm gonna say for today. I know who to find in case of me being something like this but I guess it can wait .
(Just put your ears in standby mode m8) hehe.


Hayden said...

Cheer up!

This 15sec video might help you feel cheerful!
Dog Strokes Human

My Blog: How Far We've Come

Didz said...

Hehehe...that's kinda neat. Wish that dog has stroked few times more than just once! It made me smile though, no worries. Domo arigato gozaimas Hayden!!! Thanks for leaving a simple but packaged with youtube vid. Pretty neat and this was actually my 1st to receive such!:)

ambiguous_angel said...

well, im waiting.hehe.
My ears(or my eyes,i guess) is in a stand by m0de..

Cheer up girl.
dont let that wrinkles ruin your beautiful face when you frown.:)

Didz said...

hehe..thanks angel...i guess i was over it now today :) phew! glad it was so yesterday already. wrinkles? what wrinkles? haha, forgot am not getting younger anymore!

beanizer_05 said...

..ryt..cheer up.