5 Sep 2009

::Not forgotten::

This is my 1st laptop like 7 years ago. It's a Twinhead Efio. I'm so glad that I've been a really nice user and this lappy has served me incredibly good for the past years! Sadly, by the 5th year, it started to mess around with me. The LCD screen started flickering for no apparent reason and somehow when I was in the middle of doing work, it just went black. Have tried so many times to fix it, but the problem is still there. Maybe the comp technician I went to was not so good after all. A brickhead!

Ever since I got my 2nd one, the Dell Inspiron 1420, which the spec I've chosen is for heavy duty stuff and bigger storage, I stuffed this old one in my closet. I haven't got time to reformat it yet cuz there's still plenty of secrets inside it. Hehe which it will take me up some times to delete it. I'm surprised it is still working as usual when I switched it on an hour ago. This thing made me kinda whiz cuz I've learned a lot of softwares from it. I won't labeled it as obsolete now, I'd prefer it to be called classic :) Hehe
This is currently what I'm using right now. Ok, I don't remember the battery bulging out just like in the pic when I first bought it. Haha! Almost 2 years now, so far so good. So I hope this one will last longer too. But the real question is - How long can I stand without buying another new one???

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