16 Aug 2010

For the love of...

Who can resist???
Care to buy me any of those chocolates?


Tryant said...

Yum,Yum*Tounge out* I spent all my pocket money so i can't buy any for u didz!!.I think borrowing(Stealing) Is the best option!!What do you say bro?

beanizer_05 said...

hey! ferrero!! i was staring at it last sunday on the choco stand..yumyum!!..those ferrero looks like my fave samba brigadiera (did i spell it right beta?)..
bro, stealing is bad..but..but..for emergency purposes..ahmmm...we are excusable..should we buy didz?..let's just ask her..buy us yummy chocos pengweeeeeeeeee!!!

Rml said...

Oh god... you're so mean... to post these pics here...

мѕ вℓιтzкяιєg said...

Omg, those look so delicious *drooling* you made me hungry :D

Didz-W said...

@Tryant & Bean: Right, don't steal...just grab it from the shelves and run! haha!

@Kuya Bean :P
I never heard of samba brigabriga..
Hey! U should buy for the ladies u know...I'm low in sugar, so some ferreros can help me out.

Mwwahahahahaha!!! *evil laughs*
I'm posting it to remind u that u should eat more! :P

lol! Sorry! but here I am drooling too! Yeah, maybe I'm mean after all posting those pics, i made everyone hungry :O ~~ :D

beanizer_05 said...

you calling me Kuya???
why should i buy for the ladies? they got more money than i do..like you for example..i would luv to have some from you..hehehe
*whispering* that rude girl on the 3rd spot didn't answer me..she's still mad..you're right, she needs more chocos..she's not really sweet :(

ambiguous_angel said...

*drooling here*

Didz-W said...

@Bean: what makes u think I've lotsa money?? I'm not a walking bank...just a pengwee! :P

ching said...

*drrrooooolllll* yummy!

ps. thanks for stopping by my blog. you can't seem to follow back? oh my. refresh and try again :)