18 Jul 2009

::FTO Log #005::


Corn soup with crabs, buttermilk chicken, daging rendang, mixed vegetables, rojak, and steam fish with ginger. These are the dishes that we had during my family dinner at Nyonya's. I really love the, as my bro says "Batamek" :D The chicken buttermilk that is. The corn soup is the best of all. Love the crabby taste in it. Ok, I'll continue my reviews later, I have meeting to attend :s

Ok, I will do a close up with each of the dishes now...

The Rojak

When I flipped over the menus, the first thing I noticed is this one. Anyway, I've been honored to do all the orderings, well good for the FTO. Hehe.
I considered myself as a big fan of rojak. I like the paste and having the turnips in it makes a perfect combination. Not forgetting the ground nuts on top of it. Yummy! I rate this dish 9/10. (It's a bit hot, padas kalah tia ku. Hehe)

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