22 Jul 2009

::thanks m8!::

BFF day out review

I've read my BFF entry about our last BFF outing. Now, since I can't make any comments of it from her blog so I just put it all up here instead. Hehe :D I've been meaning to write it today but can't really concentrate writing at work, u know laa so many interuptions plus that we had training on a new equipment today.
We just can't help it can we m8? Hehe, I mean we see each other everyday, text almost everyday, now we are somehow putting it all up to another new level - "communicating" thru our blogs. Hehe. We should have started doing this few years back but nevermind, it's never too late for anything. It's the fun in every forms that we are looking for kan? Thanks for the review m8 and I noticed you used my fav colors for it, blue and orange :D Hmm, actually there's a long version of my sayings about the friendship that I put in the vid which I gave you but I'm not gonna write it all here as well. Haha. Will save it for next year annv :p and plz don't post the vid, :$ maluku. Haha! Yes, of course we will go to Tasek Brasserie again. Oh! wait! maybe next time I wanna change it to Li Gong Empire or Empire Pantai restaurant? Buleh? :D You know I love you too m8. cuwenicu ;)

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