26 Jul 2009

::doing favors for myself & everybody::

Glitter Words

Woot! Woot! It's weekend and still another good reason to get up pretty late! hehe. Well, I decided to list down few things that I filled in for this weekend:

:: Spending times and having dinner out with my fiance. I was craving for pizza! - Done
:: Cleaning up my toilet - Done
:: Ironing my work attires for next week use - Done
:: Going to the nearest convenient store - After I'm done with this
:: Downloading MJ's greatest hits as requested by my colleague's daughter - Done
:: Leeching a tv series of a whole season for my BFF - So far 70% done. It'll be done by tonight, no worries.
:: Downloading 70's/80's songs and burn into cd for my senior colleague - So yesterday
:: Downloading some love songs for my another senior colleague for his vids project - Ongoing
:: Reviewing my latest discovery for my work project - Too excited to do it but somehow will do it later
:: Washing my car - Having 2nd thought, have to check the weather forecast for tomorrow, Hehe
:: Having lunch - Later (not hungry at the moment. Unbelievable!)
:: Changing new water of the fishbowl and feed the fish - Done
:: Trying out another new software I just installed last night - Later
:: Pay visit to my aunts to catch things up, again - Later

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