26 Jul 2009

::little sweet angels::

Those sweet little things called children. Nope! It's not mine. hehe. I'm talking about my friends's children. Majority my colleagues are all married and have kids. I don't know what made them just to love my company around. I mean, I had few times of having kid talked over the phone with me (I was meant to talk to their mother instead this children wanted to talk to me). I also had few times of chatting on msn with a kid (I was hoping it was her mom but turned out it was her daughter using her msn, so I just chat along with her). I get to know these children quite well through their moms. What? Is it a sign already that I should get married and soon have a family of my own? Hehe.

It's just so sweet to know whatsoever they are interested in. My colleague's children for example likes to talk about her current activities in her life so simply she's just like updating me whenever she gets to talk to me over the phone. On the other hand, my friend's only daughter likes to share topics about Hannah Montana and Disney stuff through chatting. Hehe. So I guess that fits me in perfectly bcuz I'm kinda like Hannah Montana too and such a big fan of Disney and stuff! Ok, then my other colleague's also only daughter have the same interest in liking Hannah Montana and such plus she loves to eat! Which again, just perfectly having me in the same boat! Hmm, ok now I realized maybe we have the same interests that made these children to like me around them. Hehe. Then again, my colleague always bring along one of her children to work every afternoon so sometimes if I'm just too tired doing my paperworks or just simply bored, I just play with her. But she's the one who always find me first whenever she comes before I can hide myself, LOL!

To conclude, I think it's not me who made them attracted but I guess that I am actually one of them! I'm still such a big kid inside afterall. Hehe

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