31 Jul 2009

::FTO Log #010::

Weekend treat @ Pizza Hut

Last weekend I dined out with my fiance at one of Pizza Hut outlets. I was craving for pizza, don't know why but I just feel wanna eat it. When we ordered a salad, now this is what we got. The interesting about this salad is actually the bowl. It is 100% made of dough! I mean the bowl is actually a bread. I've never seen this one before so it was totally new on me to discover it. Maybe it is a common thing in other countries that they serves it this way by using a hard dough for salads instead of using a glass or ceramic bowl which is now I can say an old style?

I was wondering if it can be eaten or at least edible. My fiance said it is! But I doubted him and started to knock the edge with a fork and the sound of it convinced you that it is really hard as a concrete! Hehe I don't know. Then I tried to pluck it out a bit see if it will crack but I just couldn't. I dared my fiance to try and eat it since he said it can be eaten. Haha. But oh well, man and his ego and tried to control his macho sort of thing, he was'nt up for the challenge. I've imagined if he actually ate that bread bowl would they charge extra? Haha.

"You've eaten our salad bowl, which is not meant to be eaten. It's part of our kitchen utensils so you have to pay for it." LOL! Imagine that!

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