20 Jul 2009


Filling in the holidays

Since Monday is public holiday here, this evening me and my other half, together with my brothers and their gfs and my sis (her hubby is on business trip to China) went out for a movie at the Empire cinema. We were watching Harry Potter 6. I wasn't too excited to go actually because the previous HP movie really had disappointed me. I thought it's the typical HP with little magical exciting actions. When we got to Empire, all the employees dressed up just like Hogwarts young wizards, which is cool. I remember few years back, they wore the wizard hat, which was better. I didn't see any other HP props hanging or simply just standing around the cinema thou. The few years back they made it really grand during the premiere. Anyways, I guess I'm gonna spoil the movie now. I have to say HP6 improved about 10% of its magical actions than its previous movie. Having to see them all grown up made it an interesting movie then. The movie runs for I think 2.5 hours or so (went in at 7.30, went out at 10pm) Overall, I think HP will be something like a never ending movie. I'm pretty sure there will be HP7 by next year or something because the ending wasn't an ending. Harry has to continue with his adventure again...and again....and again....:z until what? He's 40? At least HP6 did not disappoint me :) It's not that bad.

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