30 Jul 2009

::what I'm up to::


These few days I'm just occupying myself learning another new software for animation. Well not so new, it's just new on me as the software is there all along. This is my first time using this software to make animation otherwise I just simply would use other animation software that I have. This is using the macromedia flash professional 8 as recommended by one of my colleagues. Took me only 2 days to learn how to use it and produced my 1st animation using this software. Hehe, am I good? ---- :D

I used my desktop wallpaper as the background and created this orange stick man which is just hyper fooling around my desktop. It behaved like a monkey hehe I should've drawn a monkey instead. Haha! It runs only about 5 secs. Well this is just the beginning. I will produce more or less lengthy movies sooner or later.

I'm planning to do some sort of mini comical series/episodes for posting in this blog once I really so very mastered in this software. InsyaAllah. The drawing takes time as I am not good in it but thank god the software make it to look good. Well wish me luck!

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