1 Feb 2010

::25 random things::

Apparently I'm the another victim for this 'blog-tagging':

"25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about ME. At the end, choose up to 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you"

And this will be my response to Beanizer tag:

1. I'm the most playful and cheerful person at work.
2. I wear my watch on my right hand side and I'm not a lefty.
3. I prefer gadgets than jeweleries (this is a good news for my fiance)
4. Someday, I wanted to see people drop their jaws when they see me having a ride on a truck/any heavy transports for work. The bigger the better!
5. I'm a very imaginative person and full of creativity.
6. I love to eat! (Who doesn't)
7. I like seven!
8. I'm a child that's trapped in a woman's body.
9. I talk to my fish.
10. I'm allergic to overly romantic person/guys.
11. I always take 30 mins of nap whenever I got home from work.
12. When will this thing be over???
13. I wanna cause a major traffic jam in the country over something stupid and make for the tomorrow headlines.
14. I love visiting museums.
15. I'm lousy with numbers and I don't like math.
16. I still watch Sesame Street.
17. I believed I've a kidney of a monkey (Monkey's kidney process 5 times faster than human) because I pee a lot in a day!
18. No! I'm not a monkey. Just the kidney part.
19. I have no time but I'm buying times.
20. I still can't believe I'm getting married this year.
21. I'm obviously working in the wrong department. I should work in the IT deparment.
22. Ah! Almost there.
23. Honestly, I have no idea who's the next 25 people to tag. I only got few.
24. I'm gonna kill the person who dragged me into this. Haha!
25. Ok, I need a pee break now.

Now, here's my chance to victimize others! As I said, I only have few people in mind for this. :)

1. My BFF
2. Ayu
3. Muli
4. Reviewer11
5. Rml
6. Hayden
7. Jamie
8. Leona
9. Tech
10. JoeyDC


ambiguous_angel said...

i tagged you too just a lil while ago.

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

well thanks for tagging me but i was actually the one who tagged beanizer :D so i cant repeat again my turn hehehe..:P

anyway..im so glad about your 25 ransom facts about yo

i hate numbers as well

and im also very creative and imaginative which sometimes cause me a lot of trouble in sleeping...hehe

thanks for sharing your personality to us :3 IMY
(P.S. if you'll reply to this comment..pls. put it in my blog's comment box so that i can update my comments :D)

Didz said...

Oh! Hehe thanks! I'll check out what's yours soon!

You were the Lucky Angel? Hmm..I've failed to notice that. Hehe. Thanks too!

beanizer_05 said...

hahahaha!! now i think i made a mistake of tagging you..out of 25 random things u've shared only 2 surprised me..they are..
#2- i used to wear my watch on the right before, but a choice to wear it on the left now, coz the right hand is naughty so it would be best to leave watchless for convenience.
#24- ah..i guess my old wish will be granted sooner=i'll die at a young age becoz of blogger? hehe..

well, iantie would luv to know u'v tagged her too..hahahhaha!!..
1 more thing, the #10-don't you think you should put a link there??..wahahaha!!..

lastly, you missed 2 facts, you're a pet killer and miu thinks u'r retarded! hw can u forget that??heheheh..joke lang! (sori, is this a secret??)

iantie said...

@m8: why I have to be #1 on ur tagged list? whahaha! well, it might take me a while but I would sure post it up soon in my blog...if I got the time. at the moment, m freakin' addicted to the games..hhehe..

@bean: u just love it other people being 'torture' aren't u? ;P

Didz-W said...

Whaha! Yup, I'll hunt u down! I've psychoed u enough already so it's time to put u into a total rest! :P

for that #10: Well, I could have put the link for the BEST example there. Hahaha!

Haha! I've to #1 u in every way m8. I'm sure you'll have time to do it. Hehe. I know u turned yourself into a game addict at the mo. Looking forward to read your list m8! haha!

beanizer_05 said...

@ didZ:
ok,now that's a perfect wizzy plan,,see?--u'r not just a pet-killer, u'r a baby-killer too! what a pupose in life! incredibly amazing!!

@ iantiE:
no..it's just my own "invented Silver rule"--DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT THEY JUST DID TO YOU!..hehe..but seriously, i'm not bad..it's a SWEET-TORTURE and they denyingly luv it too..haha! ..hey,i'm not rude with you, i tagged you too but for "not-so-torture manner", u'r in the latter list, you should say that to didz, she tortured u putting on top on her evrything list(including this)..haha!

Hayden said...

Hi Didz, thanks for tagging me:)
I'm glad to share your personality!

You prefer gadgets than jeweleries?? Your fiance must be so lucky!!

Didz said...

Hey! Thanks for responding me about it. Hehe, Yup! I'm just way too gadgetic. I'm not sure if he can be that lucky. I mean gadgets can be costy as jewels too. Hehe. Either way he has to oblige on my demand. Hehe

Rml said...

Oh, u tagged me! Hadn't seen it before, cool! I'm finishing mine as we speak - Beanizer tagged me too...
I also hate numbers... and I, too, wear my watch on my right arm without being a lefty! Good, I thought I was the only one!
And plz don't kill Bean, he's a nice boy! =P

Didz said...

Hi there! Great to know that we have a common fact. Haha. I know Bean is nice, he's just quite 'naughty'.I'm sure he'll comment me back once he find this. Hehe.

Leona said...

Cool. I was tagged O:
Number 13 is nice.

Didz-W said...

Hey, thanks girl! Hehe. About #13..I'm tempted to do that crazy idea but I just don't know when. Hehe.. ;)

beanizer_05 said...

You crazy psycho! how did you get me back to read this post???..

see! robbie said im nice, tnx rob-for telling the TRUTH!..and hey didzy!,,im not naughty!--well, ok, 5%..and you are4x! you're 20% nnnnaaauughty!!..

i know you won't kill me..you simply can't! ..not that soon..coz you love to torture me first! ..brutally crazy creature! ok, let me say it again (for your pretty territory's sake),,brutally crazy beautiful creature!!..stop smiling!

Didz-W said...

~~~~Lalalalala~~~~.... :P