22 Feb 2010


Yay! I'm officially on leave for a week! I'm so needing a time out from work. So I'll be having lots and lots of MIA's but as for tonight I decided to just take some rest, be lazy (I hope it works) and do some movies marathon...

Ok, actually I've seen this movie just yesterday with my BFF. As usual, I'm not gonna do the review but all I can say is the movie was great! Thanks to Disney's Hercules Play Station game (never get bored playing the game over and over again), I was familiar with the Greek gods and characters in this movie. :) So that made things easy for me otherwise I'd stay blur throughout the movie. Haha.

Ah! I was supposed to watch this movie with my fiance last time but too bad this movie was banned in the country due to some sensitive issues. But as I am a non-certified whiz kid, I managed to get this movie...warghahaa! *evil laughs*. So I'm gonna watch this movie later w/o my fiance. Hehe!

This comes next after I watch Legion. My BFF said it's a very hilarious movie. Well now, I can't resist any Disney's movies!

This will be like my bedtime stories for tonight. Scooby Doo always make me laugh but there's always one dog that captures my heart.
Disney's Goofy! :D
What a lucky dog! Err...I guess!

Oh btw, it's our country 26th National Day tomorrow so it's a holiday for everybody here.

Goodnight everybody ;)


♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

hmmm...where are you going btw..?

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

(P.S. if you'll reply to this comment..pls. put it in my blog's comment box so that i can update my comments :D)

Rml said...

Wow, a week off! It was my turn last week, now it's urs, hehe. Everyone should get one of those once in a while...
I haven't seen any of those movies... but I'm def gonna watch the Lightning Thief! And I love Goofy too!!! He's just so adorable!!! (Maybe that's why I like Bean: I must like goofy beings in general! =P)

☆Tharangni☆ said...

hey, by MIA you mean the artist MIA?

Didz-W said...

I'm going to Brazil with Bean to have ice cream with Robi and get lost there. Lol! Nah, just here in the country I guess. I haven't got any plans to go vacationing at the mo. I need a week off to organize some wedding plans ;)

Haha! I'd like to have a week off every month but then again, I know I'll get bored for not working. You let me know how the Percy Jackson movie was when u get to see it. lol! Bean goofs a lot, so yeah, I bet he resembles Goofy in a way. Hehe. Ryt Bean? :P

I don't know any artist MIA. MIA simply means Missing In Action :)

beanizer_05 said...

Last night i have no plans of commenting here coz i felt bad of wasn't able to watch percy and the legion and i know very well didzy won't give me a copy..but..i found 2 crazy friends involving me ..now with Gooooofy!??!!
@ robz: Goofy beings huh??
@ didz: juz curious..does this dog bites? coz if so i won't be resembling Goofy coz i don't bite!!
..i've watch goofy one time, with his son(?)..i'm not sure if it's him..heheee..he's kinda foolish(?)..so you think i am like that??..hmmmmm...grrrrrrrr..(P.S. this is a tiger sound not an angry goofy)

Didz said...

lol! I don't mind giving u the copy of the movie, just wondering if it's gonna fit the mail. hehe :P
Oh! that was Goofy Movie that u watched. Goofy doesn't bite, so yeah, he still same as u :P Don't get offended, he's adorable! *hint-hint* ;)

Dorothy Rimson said...

I wish i too could have a week long break..but :-(

beanizer_05 said...

oh yeah, i remember it's goofy..mickey's dog is pluto, right? and not talking?..
That goofy has clothes on..but his voice..why he talks that way? Mr. Bean can speak clearly than him..if he talks with Goofy, would they understand each other..hmmm, the way pengwee understand cute lil potty?..oops..i juz remember, you understand me on the line right?"can you hear me?"(hahaha) ..see..im getting lost again..

beanizer_05 said...

..ehhhhhm ..so that goofy has captured your heart????..so it follows that i captured your..(ehem!)...your liver???..oh! im not a monster!

ambiguous_angel said...


me: envy:)

Rml said...

@Didz: I will surely tell u how I liked the film once I've watched it! :) And I'll be waiting for you here in Brazil! =P

@Bean: well, we love Goofy! He's just adorable! And adorably goofy! And I really liked the Goofy movie! See? Resembling him is actually great!!!

@ambiguous_angel: U know, if it serves of any consolation, I tend to get bored during my time off! So no need for envy, hehe!

Didz-W said...

lol! Ok, I'm on my way to buy the ticket now. :P

See! Even Robz got the whole points of Goofy! :P

haha! There's no need to be envy, It's still the same so far, well besides getting up pretty late every morning. Hehehe...

Aaww, u poor thing but I'm sure you'll find your time off soon ;) Thanks for dropping by, really appreciated it.

Rml said...

@Didz: hey! What do u mean by "even Robz", missy?! Don't tell me u'r joining forces w/ bean now!... oh dear...

beanizer_05 said...

ok ok ok...i'll take it! Hey! you need to reply on my comment the last time! (on that heart! see it!)

i guess didzy is just telling that you have a point there. You mentioned all the admirable traits of that Goofy doggie..and oh..she's consistent!! she's with you against bean!!

Didz-W said...

lol! nooo..! I'm still of the same team with you against bean. hehe. maybe i put that in a wrong way. Ok, I should get back to school. lol! will you accept me as your foreign-exchange student? Hehehe...
(ok, I grab my spongebob backpack, be there in your class soon!) :P

beanizer_05 said...

seee??? she's CONSISTENT!!..still against bean!..she got you blurry..huh robz?!..
hey didz! drop by me..i'll attend the class too..im still looking for my phineas and ferb luncbox..

Didz-W said...

Hahahaha! ok, sure no problem bean. Oh! I think Ma'am Robz gonna have headache teaching us. we two lil brats, see if she can handle us.

Rml said...

@Didz: phew! U got mw worried for a sec there! I thought I'd lost my only ally in this cruel cold world!... oh, the horror!...

Omg... I'm gonna have 2 crazee students in my class!... but beware: it's test day tomorrow and on Thursday as well!!!

beanizer_05 said...

@Ma'am robz:
Ah..it's still tuesday there??..coz trw will be thursday here..
Ah, didz..i guess you have to go ahead for now, tell Ma'am Robz i'm not feeeling well at the mo..and maybe until thursday..whehehehhe..so will you take the test for me???

An Ordinary Gal said...

First time on ur blog...u seems like a fun loving person...nice would love to read more posts :)

Didz-W said...

Err..what test?! Oh no! I hope it's not that hard because I'm still on the Abecedians (alphabet) level..:P
Bean...sure! *sarcastic* I'll just have to flunk your test paper :P

@An Ordinary gal:
Hey there, it's so nice to have u dropped by here :) welcome to my world. hehe. Fun? are u sure? because all these people known me to be crazy. Hehe. Nice to meet you btw, thanks ;)

beanizer_05 said...

oh i know you won't do that! you will answer them all pretty well whizzy!..you won't put me down i'm sure!

thinking again..ms robz! we haven't discuss any lessons yet and you'll give us tests??..can just go back for recess while didz do the listening and answering?..or il just sing you a new version of ABCs?

@xtra-ordinary gal:
helloW!!..good thing you stumbled on didz' world here..she's fun,crazy, loving(?),,hmmm..yeah, she is! (ssshhhh bean! watch your mouth, you're in didz' territory!)