12 Mar 2010

::Pls name my fish::

It's been like a month now that I'm left confused with the behavior of my new females betta fish that I actually have forgotten to name them. So I need help from you fellow to come up with as many unique names for the lovely female betta couple. Hehe :)


g-r-a-n-e said...

salt and pepper... hehe nevermind..

ambiguous_angel said...

haha. good one grane.
fish 1 and fish 2..

ok, never mind that.

Didz-W said...

@Grane & Angel:
lol! that's a good one! I'll put both names in my list, then we gonna have votes over the weekend! Wee! :D Grane, does this mean I've to taste which one of them is salty? hahaha..

Leona said...

Uh.. (not very good with names)

How about..
Hope and Faith? XD

Rml said...

Oh god... names for fish... my pets are usually named after pompous literary characters, hehe... I really liked grane's suggestion of salt and pepper!

g-r-a-n-e said...

@ bean: probably.. hehe :]

beanizer_05 said...

@ g-r-a-n-e:
uhmmm..probably what?--that confused me.

@ didz:
do i still have to suggest?
i go for smoochy..
and the other is blurry??..hehehe..
oh well, we'll wait for the best pick...hey, i cud give the other-Picky?
~smoochy and picky/peechy--blurry?~

warrioRR said...

Love to Cook

Didz-W said...

Hope and Faith is nice but these are females betta and they're really nasty that I don't think that decent names. Hehe. I'll give that names to my kittens instead ;) Thanks Leona! :D

Pompous lit characters? Hehehe, oh I don't know any of them. The salt and pepper - kinda cool, I could just grab if I'm running out of salt or pepper in the kitchen. hehe...

Aaah..u can't named them blurry. That's me already na! Hehehe. And Picky??? Hmm, what happened to Bumpy? hahaha.

Eh? *I'm blank* Hehehe...

Lupe said...

ooo...I would go for salt and pepper, they sound good :)

beanizer_05 said...

well if most would vote for salt and pepper...i would just boil water..and prepare the table..hehehe..

bumpy didnt come from me..it's from a blurry woman,,you know!..hehe

Didz-W said...

Ok fellow bloggers, here's what I came up with...hmm I'd name them as Smoochy Salt and Bumpy Pepper...hehe.. hmm what do u guys think? Hehehe..

beanizer_05 said...

now, prepare the table..hehhee