20 Jan 2012

Being paranoid

My 105 days of maternity leave is over as I will resume work tomorrow. Somehow I think I've been on leave like for a year long already. I began my leave end of October last year and ended today this year. See, that's like a year!

It will also mean it's my first time leaving my baby boy home. My baby is already 3 months and 3 weeks old as we speak. Back at home, my mom employed a new maid/nanny that will take care of my baby but to make my story short, I simply just don't trust her to be left alone with my baby. My mom has also been installing surveillance camera around the house to keep an eye on our new maid while she's taking care of her grandchild. That make my mom as a paranoid grandma too.

Anyway, thanks to technology that I can simply access to watch the home cctv through my smart phone anytime and anywhere that I want. There is a free app for that, both can be found from the Android market and the Apple store. But still the worries are always there. I even prepared a four pages written manual on how to take care of my baby for the maid. YUP! It's a four pages of purely readable font, all in big caps, mostly bold and underlined details on how to take care of my baby and making sure it is understandable.

I myself do not find this to be normal but as a new mom and having my first baby I think I have the right to be paranoid and at the same time hoping the approach to be effective. I'm tempted to make a video tutorial but I guess that's way too much. Hehe!

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beanizer_05 said...

just send me baby didzlet so you'll be assured he's ALWAYS safe and will be a vewy good baby like me :)

Dai Ning Li said...

It's reasonable being paranoid at times, especially that it roots from your love for your little Didzy. ;')

Didz said...

I think you'd be a perfect replacement for my maid..hehe

beanizer_05 said...

i beg your pardon?? this cuteness??? grrrrrrrr!!

Note to playmate: Are you sure she's your mommy? Tsk. tsk.

Didz said...

Ning Li:
Yeay! thanks for the support! ;))

Didz said...

hey! u no longer cute. your cuteness is already taken by wazif. ;p