1 Jan 2012

A Fresh Start

Dear Blog,

It's 2012! Happy New Year!

...And how did I celebrate the new year? I did not. Normally my family will gather around having small party with lots of foods, barbeques and karaokes, excitingly looking up to the sky watching fireworks, wowing on that but it's basically a food fest to me. That's my family tradition anyway. But it did not happen this time because of three things: 1/ We actually celebrated a day earlier! 2/Everyone has their own plans for the eve and 3/ It was raining. So that made most of us just stayed home. I guess watching the countdown from the tv was more interesting...besides the rain continued to pour heavily when the clock hit 12 midnight. Yup, it's a wet new year!

This year is indeed a fresh start for everything in my life as it is like our (Hubby and I) first year being a parent to our baby boy. (Plus the three months ago last year.) My baby boy himself is learning faster each day. He's already started baby-talking; With the Coo's, the Aah's and the Hey's, wearing cute smiles and one most important thing that I am so relieved for - no longer a grumpy as the Angry Birds! It just excites me to watch him growing up. Speaking of that...I need to grow up too! Hehehe. Few of my friends still cannot believe that I am now a mom. I am still that cute playful kid in their eyes. (I will take that as a compliment - Thank you.) ;))

Until my next entry, Happy New Year everyone!

Something for my first 2012 post; Brunei's very own.
Is this love by Qeez Idrus.


norh said...

hei new year Didz

All the best for 2012.. :)

Didz said...

Happy New Year, norh! Thanks! I hope everything goes well & smooth for you too on this new year ;)