24 Jan 2012


Both me & my baby son is not feeling well at the moment. But thank god my baby is gradually feeling better; just having bits of cough & runny nose now.

And as for me, I'm down with a flu which must have been caused by the crazy weather and of course taking way too much of that local exotic fruit: the Durian.

It's an evil fruit but it is also one of my favs :)

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norh said...

get well soon dear..

Didz said...

Thank you norh! The only good thing about being sick is i got extended sick leave from work..yay!

~♥Sie♥~ said...

Get well soon Didi..rest ok ;)

beanizer_05 said...

that's the effect of disagreeing with my cuteness!

woah! you eat durian? i can eat durian candies but can't take the smell of the real fruit..

my playmate is healthy like me 'coz he's cute too..and you...hmmmm..unless you admit i am irresistibly cute, then maybe you'll be getting well..haha!
too hyper mommy! why did you omit the "Y" in your name? i like DidzY..

Didz said...

Thank you Sie! ;) My baby, hubby and I are all feeling under the weather...always got sick whenever it's a new year.

hah! cannot eat the real durian fruit? come on, stop being such a baby, be a man! :P:P

hahaha! I'm wondering why I did that too! Hmm...seems weird without the Y eh? it's like CHOPP without the Y...

beanizer_05 said...

open the durian for me then so i can eat it!

grrrr..why need to come up with that example..whoever owns that name must be reeeeeeallly CUTE.. hehe! put the Y back to your name, it's kinda awkward to read your name w/o it..hihi

hello playmate! stay healthy ok so i can set you up for a date! hehe!