17 Nov 2009


When our world ended, their mission began

I just watched this movie today. For a really blur person like myself, it's hard to figure out what exactly the movie is all about let alone the creature itself!

I'm not gonna do the full synopsis here - ok maybe just a brief one...
The movie begins with the Scientist creating a little mechanical humanoid named 9 as he tells how humanity, in its blind pursuit of science and technology, went to its doom. He finally gives life to the doll with a talisman. Then he dies. So the story is about 9's adventures and he met his kind - 2,1,6,8, and 7 to fight the evil machine. (I don't remember seeing 3,5, and 4 - again because I'm lousy with numbers!)

Ok there goes my boring synopsis. Hehe. But If you like animated fantasy movie, just give it a try to watch this.
Along the movie, I tried to figure out what are they actually. Not until I googled it and found they're called the mechanical humanoid stitchpunks.

Guess what? That no.7, is the only female stitchpunk in the group. Her character is kinda cool, she kicked evil ass!!


beanizer_05 said...

..lazy grumpy crazy stitchpunk #7..so u gonna kick sum ass 2?..

Didz said...

I'll start with yours! :P

beanizer_05 said...

..m behavin here..y me? hmp!

Didz-W said...

Relax Bean....what...are you having PMS too? :P