9 Nov 2009


This week I'm kinda lost. I don't know how to put it up really. I'm being busy bee with lots of things to be done, thought, and worried about before December comes.

I mean preparing my plans what to crazily buy when I'm on my China trip later on, organizing and do some follow ups for my family sport day which gonna commence by the end week of November until December, trying to finish up my paper works before my leave and lots of other personal things.

Thus leaving me with messy room, my clothes are piling up, books and bags are everywhere, and my desk at work...Hmm...Let just hope spiders won't start making spiderwebs! And myself...

Yup! Pretty much like this at the moment.


beanizer_05 said...

pretty much lyk dat smiley??--u only got 2 teeth now?--hw dd u get the lenses bhind ur eyeballs??..heheh
..wnt me 2 help u wd d rum-fixing??

Didz-W said...

haha, that's how messy i am now bean..so unorganized. no thanks but you can help me buy false teeth. :P