13 Nov 2009

::My Random curiosity no.3::

Wouldn't it be nice if superheroes with super powers doing a real job?
I mean not just rescuing people.

Here's my thought on some of the typical superheroes with super power.
That superheroes ...

#1. Able to read people's mind - Should work as psychiatrist
#2. Have a x-ray vision - Should work at the hospital x-ray department or the airport security section.
#3. Able to run super fast - Should work as courier or pizza delivery guy.
#4. Able to fly - Should work in the aviation industry.
#5. Able to be invisible - Should work as a spy or detective.

...and why they have to wear their underwear outside?
How would Captain Underwear (if he ever exist!) feel about that? Hehe.
Hmm....any idea?


Leona said...

I wish superheroes were real :>

Didz-W said...

@Leona: Yup, if they were real, I really wanted to see them working as I've imagined. Hehe.

Reviewer11 said...

HAHAH! That's funny. Maybe Captain underwear was too sleepy he put on his underwear over his pants. LOL!

Awesome questions. I never thought of that. You have great ideas!

Aw thanks for stopping by my new blog/site! You're awesome!! :D **hugs

Reviewer11 said...

Superheroes with the power of fire can melt things. Those who can heal can be doctors or nurses.

Good answers, Didz! :D

Didz-W said...

@Reviewer11: lol! I was thinking of something else...Captain Underwear is too drunk! Haha.
Superheroes having power of fire will also make a good cook! I'm just saying. Hehe..Thanks for sharing your funny thoughts too! :D

beanizer_05 said...

i know 1 dizzy superwoman hu olwez hav those back aches..thinkin ol world's probs even n her drimz..
and she works as a QC n sum part of brunei ..hope u'l mit her sumday! :)
captain undrwear s a hopeless underwear endorser..and he's tryin 2 show d world he cn wear undrwear wd class ...

Didz said...

@bean: Haha! Hmm..I wonder who's that too! I hope she's not wearing her underwear outside too! :P

beanizer_05 said...

..ow..is it possible she'l b wearin hers outside??..n that case, wel..this cryin baby wil..wil cry more..haha..dnt knw wat m talking here..ok, 4get it.

Reviewer11 said...

LOL!! Aw my pleasure.

I wonder what good Captain Gassy would do? :P

ambiguous_angel said...

thats a good idea.

and i guess they are just making a fashion statement..
as if someone will follow them..
hm. why dont you try it sometimes?
maybe its there secret to have a super power..
just kidding:)

Didz-W said...

@Reviewer11: Captain Gassy? Haha! Never heard of it but I'm sure would like to meet him someday. He's not the cousin of Captain Farty, is he? :P

@Angel: Me? Wearing underwear outside the pants?...it's such not a bad idea. I'll choose wisely...will put on Victoria's secret. Haha. I got my super power already Angel. Oh! I bet you know what that is! :P

Reviewer11 said...

HAHA you got it! Yup, they are! :P

Reviewer11 said...

Could this be Captain Farty? :P

Didz-W said...

@Reviewer11: lol! that's really funny! that's definitely a cute Captain Farty! Nice one reviewer11, thanks for the laughter! :D

Reviewer11 said...

YAY!!! LOL Aw it's my pleasure! So happy it made you laugh! :D

P.S. He sure is cute but so smelly :P