3 Nov 2009


I have exactly a month before I finally will be on leave for my vacation and work course training. Things at work are pretty developing this month, hence I'm busy trying to get the paper works done before my leave. I'm glad - so far so good!

My blogging will be somehow sll.....looow for the time being. But the funny thing I still have times to browse and read other people blogs. Haha!

Oh! In that case - this post is useless! Hehe

(This post will self destruct in..... hmmm - never)


Phonank said...

it's okay, though rarely have time to visit other blogs. But you still take the time, it was more than enough.

I hope you accepted to work

Didz-W said...

Thanks Phonank :) Yes, I do have the time, and have the time reading your blog as well. Hehe.

phonank said...

thank you very much