17 Nov 2009

::What's your care bears?::

I remember this cartoon, I used to watch when I was small. Now, I don't recall any of them let alone what's the power of each. I've lost count how many of them exactly.

I found a site that generates what would your name be if you're a care bear. It's called the Not So Care Bear Name. Here's what I am:

Your Not So Care Bear Name is


Get your Not So Care Bear Name at Quizopolis.com

Haha! Seriously?!!!


Reviewer11 said...

Yeah me too! So cute!

I got this: LOL!

Your Not So Care Bear Name is

Bus Driver Bear

Get Your Not So Care Bear Name at Quizopolis.com


Reviewer11 said...

By the way, I'm not moving to the new blog after all. It doesn't have the flexibility like the one I have right now. So I added your link to my blog. :D


Reviewer11 said...

Aw thanks so much for adding my link! :D **hugs

Didz-W said...

Haha! Bus driver bear?! Ok, at least that's more decent than I am as dirty-ol-bear! Do you have what it takes to be a bus driver? :P
I'm not dirty old bear...waaa! :( Hehe..
Anyway, I'm still fond of your sites, both of them but yeah stick to the one that have the most jolly fun site and features. I'm a regular visitor of your site already. Hehe. Thanks to you too! ;)

Reviewer11 said...

Aw thank you soo much!!

Aw, and it's my pleasure. I'm a regular visitor of your blog too now. :D It's fun!

No worries, when I typed my first name it showed up "Drunken" bear or something like that, lol! So I added my middle name. I don't know how to drive a bus but I wouldn't doubt I would be dragging pedestrians off the curb or a fire hydrant LOL! :P Or if I turn real fast, i might tilt the bus LOL!!!

Jamie Jenson said...

Mine is Swears-A-Lot-Bear.

Kind of fitting! hehehe

Didz said...

Haha! Great! You know, we need few more people then we can start Care Bears 2! Lol!

Dorothy Rimson said...

Nice group of posts..