22 Nov 2009

::My long weekend::

Another long weekend - But it I'm glad because it was a super nice adventure!
Here's where I went:

#1. The Brunei Expo'09: Agriculture and Agrifood at McFarm - Friday
#2. DQCS Annual Dinner - Saturday
#3. BFF outing - Sunday

I'll cover #1 first. I went there with my fiance, it just so happened he was on duty that day so he took me out. I never been to McFarm before, it's actually a huge agricultural site, and was recently launched by our beloved His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei that Thursday.

The Expo covers various sections of any agricultural stuff and my former work place is involved too for the exhibition. I had the opportunity to take... well to be exact 300 pictures on that day alone. That place is so huuugggeee! I've only uploaded some of the pics at my photo blog here

I'll post some of #2 and #3 photos some other times because I'm so drop dead tried now. Hehe.

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