29 Nov 2009

::My super exhausting holidays::

Phew!!! I don't remember when was the last time I was on my super exhausting holidays. For sure I just had it again this week. Oh my! I feel like I'm some kind of president or something. Hehe.

Well my 'busy-ness' kicked off on Thursday night, I had a family gathering to attend. Friday I was visiting my grandma's cemetery and I had sushi with my friend for lunch. Whereas Saturday morning, I was offered to be a photographer on a simple family event, in the afternoon went out with my brothers to survey some stuff for our family sports day, went back home in the brink of dusk having only few minutes to freshen up then went out again with my mom to do some shopping.

As for today, I finally able to pack some of my stuff before I head for China this Friday. (Yay!) Now I take it that my time is so precious and I still have few things to do or attend before my leave. Next week is gonna be another busy week for me. Wish me the best of luck for all!


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Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks! Hehehe